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For weeks the four girls Helena, Janine, Tina and Colette were so excited! The four eighteen and nineteen year old girls were looking forward for the concert of a very popular teen band. They hoped to accompany one of the guys from the band to the hotel room. Therefore, the girls wore quite sexy clothes. Very early on Helena, Janine, Tina and Colette stood in front of the concert hall. They wanted to stand up front and be close to their idols. Of course they wanted to attract attention to have a greater chance for a hot one-night stand. They really wanted hot sex with the band! When the doors opened masses of screaming girls ran into the hall. The four girls actually made it to the forefront. As the teen band finally came on stage there were incredibly loud screams. Dozens of young girls fell unconscious but the four teenage girls remained steadfast and cheered their heroes. The concert was really cool for all listeners and yet the time passed far too quickly. The band left the stage and disappeared in the backstage area - exactly the place that the four girls were attempting to reach. But grim security men hit all the girls with batons who tried to get in and the young ladies did not get next to the band. Extremely disappointed and angry Helena, Janine, Tina and Colette went on their way to their hostel where they would stay in a four-room until the next day when the train would depart for home.

As they sat in their hostel room they talked about the concert. The excitement came back. They assumed that the guys were just too tired. Nevertheless the girls were hot. They were keen to experience something erotic. When they got undressed they took a look at each other in tight lingeries and all four girls grinned. It was not for the first time that the four friends got horny together. Lesbian sex can actually be damn cool. In the next moment, Helena and Tina were wildly making out and they touched each other's tits. Janine and Colette watched them for a while, then they french kissed each other long and intensely. Again, hands moved over naked bodies, bras were opened and stiff nipples went into willing mouths and were sucked and licked. Shortly afterwards thongs flew onto the floor and the teenage girls revealed their partly shaved pussies. Helena's and Janine's pussies were completely bald; Tina and Colette had a small bush at their pussies. "Your shaved pussies are so cute and innocent," Tina said. "Colette and I should also have bald pussies." Helena already played with the pussy of Tina who was dealing with her friend's breasts. Colette and Janine massaged each other's wet pussies. They circled each other's clitoris and pushed fingers into the cracks. A loud moan went through the room and the four girls moved even closer. Soon no girl could tell any more at which pussies she was playing and what hands were just on their bodies. Tina had enough of the fingering and she leaned over to Helena's pussy and spread the lips with her fingers, the twitching clit lay therefore completely free and she licked her friend who thus groaned even louder and almost bit in Colette's nipples. Colette was good almost distracted by the powerful breast treatment because Janine took what she needed. She sat down on the head of Colette and offered her hot cunt that wanted to be licked. Colette made her really horny with her tongue, which she pushed in her vagina. Helena now moaned loudly, she came violently and Tina also wanted to experience oral pleasure - by Helena who calmed down just yet. There was a single hash as the teens masturbated each other with their hands and mouths. Helena cheekily pushed her four fingers into Tina's pussy and licked at the clit of her friend. It did not take too long and Tina exploded but Helena did not stop. Janine also had a great orgasm.

Colette did not settle and came close with her pussy to Janine's face, who understood immediately what the girl wanted. She fucked her with one hand, rubbed her clit with the other, and they enjoyed it as much as their friend as Colette had her orgasm. She saw Tina and Helena, who had moved on to to rub their pussies against each other which caused really sweet multiple orgasms. Then Colette came, who afterwards then cuddled and stroked tenderly Janine's small breasts while they watched Tina and Helena. They had quivering bodies and were absolutely satisfied and happy. It was a nice conclusion for their concert tour. The next morning, Tina and Colette shaved each other's pussies in the shower room. So they all had hairless pussies like young school girls.


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